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Trinidad and Tobago's long experience of ship repairs goes back to our classroom, when Sir Walter Raleigh, the famous English writer, poet and explorer successfully repaired his exploration ship at La Brea, South-western Trinidad and Tobago in 1595.  His crew under his command were on their way to find the 'lost city of gold,'  also known as the El Dorado and were shown by the local resident tribe the Pitch Lake, where the naturally occurring material was successfully utilized to seal the joints between the wooden sawn planks, horizontally installed on his ship.

Our abilities and skills are derived from our enduring history in ship repairs and also from our safe track-record being involved in the petroleum industry for over 100+ years. In 1907, the United Kingdom firm Ellis Grell & Company installed the first floating drydock at Chaguaramas Bay, North-Western Trinidad. Additional to this, our country is geographically well positioned in the southernmost part of the Caribbean, away from the active hurricane belt and near major shipping lanes.

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